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Productivity Coaching
For Bakers & Cake Artists

Here's how I help...

This program fuels your mindset, your day-to-day habits, and yes, your goals too. Ultimately this leads to a more productive version of you!

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My Story - How it All Started

One aspect of my business that I struggled with most was structure! I felt overwhelmed with the feeling of having to do everything in my business. I thought in order to succeed that I had to offer every style cake. This anxiety caused me to become afraid to run my business professionally, because I didn’t have a brick & mortar.

Secondly, I struggled with confidence. Confidence when things were difficult or going south. To be honest, I was afraid of implementing new rules for my business.

Mindset was a challenge as well. In the beginning, I was thinking small. I felt that only cake decorating would take me all the way to success, when it was negatively affecting my health, well- being, and my personal growth. The pressures of being a business owner & producing so many cake per week really got to my mindset, and performance.


I created this program as a reflection of who I am in business, serving my clients, and educating my community of other like minded bakers & cake artists. I’m a pretty strategic gal at heart! When I’m asked questions about baking or business, I try to find a solution right away. It comes naturally because I either want you to perform efficiently or at your highest level - that’s CONFIDENCE. Do you, confidently. There’s always a solution, and a way. I’m here to break that down, and guide you to becoming a better you.

What's Included?

One Month 1:1 Program 

Zoom/Phone Call 2x/Week

1-Hour Zoom/Phone call

Custom Business Plan 

Weekly Assignments

Auditing & Quality Assurance

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This exclusive 1:1 program only accepts 3 clients monthly.

What People Say

"Our calls were amazing!!!!! Like honestly I looked forward to each and every call. You asked the important questions, made me think about what I’m doing, how I’m spending my time and what I could be doing better to help myself grow within my business. Things I could be doing to be more productive, how to break down a big task into smaller task to achieve and accomplish the bigger task/goal at hand. The homework was needed and it helped to put a lot into perspective. Thank you for your help and your great tips." - Karanna W.

Why Productivity Coaching?

Imagine performing at your highest & efficient level in your business & reducing the stress of day to day business operations.

Why work with me?

Imagine the advantage of tapping into 15+ years of experience in the cake industry…

✓ I’ll guide you on EXACTLY what you need to push your mindset and business in the direction it needs to go.

✓ You’ll get a fresh pair of eyes to spot the challenges holding you back. And check that you’re on the right path to success.

✓ You’ll also discover how to make the most of your business, even in tough times like these.


Let's level up your business

Cake artistry goes beyond just being a hobby. It’s art… and business too! As a seasoned baker and cake artist, I’m proud of my experience and grateful for all the knowledge gotten from 16 years of experience in the industry. That’s why Jessica’s Dessert Studio has evolved to also offer Productivity Coaching. I consult with entrepreneurs and business owners to gain confidence and clarity around their businesses. I’m passionate about helping you build brand awareness and growth no matter where you are in your journey. 


My goal is simple: To empower ambitious baking entrepreneurs eager to create beautiful art with edible mediums. To be a voice with expertise and knowledge through my story and journey. That’s why you’ll get all the support, tools & resources, and personalized guidance you need. I’ll walk you through each process clearly with a step-by-step demonstration, plus expert tips and tricks. We’ll also work together on your mindset, habits, and those lofty business goals! 

With structure and a solid business plan, we’ll set up the daily steps you need to take your business to the next level. Let’s transform your passion for creating edible art into a world-class business!

Tired of feeling unproductive and unsure what the next steps in your business are?

it's time you change that...

Productivity is the state of being able to create, particularly at a high quality and quick speed.

Coaching requires leadership and involves adaptable mindsets & behaviors, synthesizing them to create the highest performing type of leadership for themselves & their business.

So let's get started

OF $1,200

One month program 

Zoom/phone call twice a week

1-hour zoom/phone call

Custom Business Plan 

Weekly Assignments

Auditing & Quality Assurance

You may pay via Sezzle &  Paypal's Pay Later.

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