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Jessica Monroe

Baker & Cake Artist


One of my fondest memories as a child was enjoying my 8th grade Home Economics class. I always lit up when we got in the kitchen to whip up tasty baked goods. It was magical mixing simple ingredients and transforming them into something delicious. That’s where I discovered my passion for baking and it has stuck with me ever since! Years later, I worked for many bakeries, including Sam’s Club & Baskin Robbins as a Cake Decorator. For the longest time, I was always designing cakes specifically to the companies’ standards. But I knew that I wanted more. 

I felt a burning desire to build a brand and company that fully represented me. It eventually led to opening my custom and dessert-style cakes business—Jessica’s Dessert Studio. The perfect outlet to express my aesthetic and unique style—from my brand colors, my work ethic, to how I serve my customers. A space to challenge my design skills, and push the limits of creativity. Where I could show a true representation of who I was as a cake designer.

Genuine. Simple. Peaceful. Artistically talented.

Jessica's Dessert Studio turns 7 this year! We started from an open space in a studio apartment in Plainfield, Illinois, serving all different types of desserts and treats. From cookies, cake pops, mini cupcakes, large cupcakes, custom cakes, chocolate-covered strawberries to brownies. Now specializing in Custom Cakes & Dessert Style Cakes.

Also, having the opportunity to work some amazing brands such as Nielsen Massey, producers of the world's finest vanilla. 

Jessica’s Dessert Studio is best known for stunning and sophisticated designs. My work is recognized and has been featured on sites and publications including, Chi The Wed, a renowned Chicago wedding website, and Cake Masters magazine.

Presently, I work full-time at the Studio and continue to celebrate the joy of creative cake art with dessert lovers worldwide. I’m super passionate about helping others in my community. I continue to expand my leadership role and services by sharing my knowledge in private classes, coaching sessions, and online video tutorials.

I hope to serve my expertise with you soon. 
Get ready to experience some JDS magic for yourself! Welcome to Jessica's Dessert Studio! 

- Jessica L. Monroe

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