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Terms Of Service

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  • Terms of service act as a formal handshake, this document is the contract between you and your customer for your supply of goods or services, which regulates your business relationship. Used to agree upon the terms of an order, including things like event details, cake design, serving size and most importantly, payment. In this tutorial I will share, outline and explain in detail key areas of my terms of service, before providing you with a PDF of the document to utilize as a template and amend as you wish. If you are currently in business or plan to start a business, The Dessert Studios Terms of Service Tutorial is just what you need to protect your company. 


    • Terms of service act as a set of rules that your client will agree to move forward with their order 
    • Before you write your businesses terms of service, this tutorial will assist you in understanding what to include through explaining in detail The Dessert Studios own terms 
    • Includes a customizable PDF of my terms of service which you can tailor to your business, to provide your company with the legal protection it deserves 
    • Perfect for regulating your baking business whilst elevating it to the next level of professionalism 
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