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In this professional, informative video for aspiring and growing cake artists, Jessica Monroe of Jessica’s Dessert Studio explains and demonstrates the best ways to support your delectable masterpieces. With 15 years of experience of baking and building sensational cakes, this video expands on the tips, tricks, and techniques outlined in her PDF files, showing exactly how to execute a dependable cake build.

Support & Stacking

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
    • Learn how to support and stack an impressive 3-tier cake to survive transport, display, and eventual serving at a client’s location. 
    • Watch the technique in action - Jessica’s trustworthy base that will prevent common tiered cake mishaps.

    • View the right way to manually place and stack supported cake layers without damage or shifting. 

    • Discover quick, easy techniques to prevent “sinking in,” gapping, or unwanted tier seams. 

    • Understand how to use stabilize skewers without cracking or compromising lower tiers.

    • Learn how to create a multi-tier cake built to withstand the challenges of delivery and sitting out at an event.

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