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Marble Buttercream

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$10.00Sale Price

    Marble buttercream is not only an innovative form of cake decoration but also guarantees a beautiful masterpiece upon completion. Utilizing Swiss meringue buttercream, in this tutorial I share my tips and tricks to mastering this popular technique. Showcasing a traditional marble effect, join me as I advise on a multitude of methods to create the most incredible design. Learn how to color mix with combining colors and applying these to create a flawless marble effect. I will also advise on the best methods to carry out logistical steps such as freezer/fridge time and removing the buttercream to reveal the marble. This easy to follow tutorial is affordable and will help you elevate your decorative skill set, achieving the most extraordinary marble buttercream effect. This cake design works for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, or any celebration as you can customize the colors to suit a multitude of themes. 


    • Need some new inspiration? This marble buttercream tutorial is easy to understand and simple to recreate. 
    • The best part about making marble buttercream is the randomness of the buttercream, the design doesn’t follow a particular pattern, and its inconsistency is beautiful. This technique will give you the freedom to make a marble that’s unique to you.
    • I coach you through the decorating process so that you can up level your skills and aspire to produce intricate designs, an investment your future self will thank you for.
    • Achieve a great effect on the side of your cake and utilize multiple colors, immerse yourself in this decorative art form Marble, Buttercream.



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