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Gold Metallic Cake

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
  • What if I told you that you can achieve this stunning technique with just a couple of inexpensive items? In my Gold Metallic Cake tutorial, I’ll show you how to achieve this flawless gold Metallic look using any type of buttercream – you heard right: buttercream! I’m always asked what the secret is to achieving a solid gold metallic finish on cakes. It seems to be one of those techniques that everyone wants to master, and now I’ve discovered the perfect way to achieve it. Learn my secrets with no need for an airbrush machine via this innovative, easy to learn technique. How did I achieve an intricate gold finish? Gold cakes are eye-catching and elegant and in this video I reveal the key materials needed to produce this show-stopping cake design. This tutorial is not only incredibly easy to follow but also features products which are affordable. Discover the step-by-step method of creating this bespoke decorative style, gold is synonymous with luxury, reflect this in your cake designs. 

    • A golden cake is the epitome of luxury, the sleek gold finish will allow your cakes potential to be unlimited.
    • An easy to understand tutorial which includes coaching on how to master this technique alongside the secret tools needed to achieve it.
    • I’ll coach you through the decorating process so that you can level up your skills and aspire to produce intricate designs, an investment your future self will thank you for.
    • I’m not responsible for the results of the cake if the exact product is not utilized in your recreation.
    • One of the items used in this tutorial is only available at Walmart. If you’re unable to purchase the exact product used, I’m unable to guarantee the same results seen in this video.
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