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Welcome to The Dessert Studio. 

In this video Tutorial Jessica finally gets into Floral decor for your custom cakes.


Fresh Floral Decor

$16.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • Fresh flowers add a vibrant and elegant touch to cake decorating, but, can seem a little intimidating at first. In this tutorial I will advise on the best method to safely arrange fresh florals in a confident manner. Discover my tips and tricks on how to organize a variety of flowers, focusing on different combinations and colors. I will provide professional coaching, including information regarding the best tools to utilize, how to prepare and wrap the stems, with highlighting ways to effectively work with the space on the cake to enhance your design. You’ll also learn methods to develop height and processes for storing the florals. This great value tutorial includes a detailed PDF with information on how to master this art form. Enhance your skills, perfect your technique and produce the most exquisite custom floral cake with an incredible visual impact.


    • Adding fresh flowers to a cake can seem complicated and daunting, this simple tutorial will explain how to confidently and safely arrange florals showcasing their natural beauty, creating a masterpiece 
    • Flowers are a timeless symbol of beauty and are safe to incorporate into a cake as long as they’re selected carefully
    • Discover a variety of tips and tricks including the perfect flowers to utilize, how to wrap and protect the stems, which supplies are needed, how to store your florals, pre-arrangement techniques and which space to arrange the flowers on
    • Includes a PDF filled with in depth information, an all you need to know guide to easily creating beautiful, custom floral cakes
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