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Custom Cake Inquiry Response

$65.00 Regular Price
$32.50Sale Price
  • It can be hard to manage bookings when you’re busy in the kitchen baking, shopping for ingredients, Delivering cakes and all of the other hats we wear when it comes to running a business, but we’ve got the answer thanks to The Dessert Studios Custom Cake Inquiry Response tutorial! Just as cake decorating is a skill, effective communication and customer service is also a skill. Talking to customers is what helps you gain or lose business, it's what helps to ensure your customers keep coming back even when they do not order a cake from you. In this tutorial you can learn the importance of utilizing a professional response to book your dream clients. I will share, outline and explain how to structure an email when responding to potential clients, how I import the order into my payment processor and send the invoice over, all while providing you with a template to write key information. This tutorial aims to not only cut down administration time, but allow you to achieve your dream clients without all the back and forth.


    • Starting a cake business can be a daunting task so utilize this handy tutorial from The Dessert Studios to assist you in achieving your dreams clients
    • Discover tips and tricks including how to structure an email when responding to clients inquiry forms, how to send an invoice and so much more
    • Alongside this video tutorial you will receive JDS template to transfer all of your clients key information
    • This is the perfect tutorial to ensure your customer service is unparalleled
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