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Jessica’s Celebratory Cake Decorating Tutorial

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  • Join me as I celebrate two important milestones, my birthday and 15th year anniversary as a professional cake artist, by paying homage to traditional cake decorating techniques.

    Indulge in a sense of nostalgia as I turn back the clock to where I started on my journey by showcasing simple, yet beautiful decorating techniques in this detailed tutorial.

    I’ll cover all the basics, including step by step advice on how to hand pipe buttercream roses, balloons and shell borders, alongside advice on how to fill a piping bag and insert couplers and tips. Perfect for all cake artists, whether starting out or advanced, you can certainly add your own flair and find your favorite designs and decorations to personalize your creations. With The Dessert Studios tutorial for traditional decorating, you should now have all the confidence in the world to beautify your desserts like a pro. Really – you’re ready! 


    • If you’re looking for traditional cake decorating ideas, you’ll find inspiration in this tutorial
    • From simple piping techniques to genius decorating hacks, discover a variety of tips and tricks so you can create beautifully impressive cakes
    • A great way of improving your skills whether you’re an experienced or amateur cake artist
    • Come celebrate my birthday and 15th year professional anniversary with me in this in depth, step by step tutorial 
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