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Baking Principles

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  • Join Jessica at The Dessert Studio in this highly anticipated tutorial, helping you to achieve cake layers & cupcakes that taste amazing from start to finish. This full baking tutorial provides all of the information you will need to get started in the kitchen, including how to prep your pans, store your cakes and create the most delicious vanilla cake that also converts to fluffy, delicious cupcakes. Its packed full of step by step instructions, tools, a solid recipe, including expert baking tips and techniques. I will not only teach you how to bake, but will also provide helpful advice to ensure you receive accurate results alongside a PDF filled with in depth information. There's something for everyone, whether you're a complete beginner, want to learn more skills or are running a professional cake business.


    • Bake from scratch with confidence 
    • Whether you are a complete beginner, want to start a career in the industry, or just want to brush up on your baking skills, this tutorial will set you up for success
    • The most highly anticipated baking tutorial, sharing a vanilla cake recipe that also converts to fluffy, delicious cupcakes alongside expert techniques, ingredients and tools
    • Includes a PDF filled with in depth information, an all you need to know guide to easily creating delicious cakes
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